De-identified Placeholder data displayed

Expect a year’s worth of progress and learning each year

All students deserve a year’s worth of progress and learning each school year. Raising expectations that all students can achieve, determining what a year’s worth of progress looks like and carefully tracking that progress are key steps.

Great teachers help students exceed their own expectations.

Effective use of data in allows us to:

  • Better understand where individuals and groups of similar individuals are with their learning.
  • Plan next steps in learning, based on evidence rather than ‘hunch’.
  • Quickly provide expert support and high-impact teaching and learning strategies for individual students and groups of students who require support and/or extension.
  • Promote a collective responsibility for student learning.
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A skilled Data and Intervention team (specialists in literacy, numeracy, maths support, middle school, psychologist, learning & teaching, data, technology) works to:

  • Collect, process and publish student learning and wellbeing data to make it visible, accessible and easily interpreted. This includes the use of multiple technologies to measure and track achievement, growth and learning skills, and Data Walls to display individual student data.
  • Use data to assist in the making of high-impact instructional and intervention decisions.