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Students have the opportunity to work with a coach (Homegroup teacher or Academic Care & Wellbeing Coordinator) to make a learning plan. The plan is shared with all teachers of the students and with the Data and Intervention team to ensure a collective responsibility for student learning and wellbeing.

Coaching time builds collaboration    and learning skills

‘Go out and meet others where they really are, not where you think they should be’
— Pope Francis 2015

On Monday mornings the whole school meets to start the week and highlight successes, opportunities and events.

Tuesday to Friday mornings begin with coaching time, a half hour in homegroup teams to prepare for the learning and challenges of the day. Self-regulated students get straight to work. Staff support students to identify and start the most important work.

Students variously work on assessment tasks, on-line literacy and numeracy tools, reading, coaching conversations and more. Staff work to ensure that those who most need support get disproportionate access to expert assistance.

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