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The Presentation Sisters arrived at the Mt Erin site in 1876, starting an unbroken 140 years of Catholic education. The Sisters remain deeply connected to the work and community of Kildare and they provide an ongoing inspiration to staff and students. The 2018 opening of The Mt Erin Heritage Centre, at Mt Erin Boarding House, provides a powerful reminder of the pioneering work of the Sisters. A key message from this Heritage Centre is that while the artefacts change and evolve over time, the work of education and care remain timeless, and in another indication that the Presentation Sisters tend to be ahead of their time the work today still revolves around a genuine concern for learning, wellbeing, improving life opportunities and assisting all to become more fully human in a specifically and proudly Catholic culture and setting.   

Welcome to Kildare Catholic College. This website gives an overview of the key ideas that shape the work of students and staff. First of these are our Catholic heritage and culture, shaped by the life and actions of Jesus.

Five secondary schools and twenty six primary schools educate over 8 000 students in the Diocese of Wagga Wagga. Kildare caters for over 10% of these students and we take seriously our main function of educating for life in the Catholic setting. Our work is to assist students to realise the full potential of their humanity and to recognise the worth and dignity of all individuals.

All are welcome at Kildare, with many of our students members of other Christian denominations or other faiths. We also have a diverse boarding population at Mt Erin Boarding House, which offers an affordable boarding option for students who live outside the Wagga Wagga region.

Please check this site to get an idea of the purpose and goals of the College. Enrolment is open to all who support these ideals.

All the best, 

Rod Whelan

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